Cerrolow 117 (Bolton 117) 4470-2

Bar Weight and Size = approximately 1 lb. / 4½" L x 2" W x ¼" H

Eutectic Alloy

Melting Temperature 117º F or 47.2º C

Density .32 lbs./In3      8.9 g/cc?

Initially expands then shrinks to .0000" in 30 seconds; stable in 2 hours at -.0002"per inch.

Alloy is used in jigging or fixturing delicate parts for machining (honeycomb), dental models, prosthetic development work, proof casting (internal measurements), fusible element in safety devices, radiopaque contrast medium in X-ray, low temperature solder and many hobby (casting) applications.

Cerrolow 117 (Bolton 117) 4470-2
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  • Item #: LB210002
  • Manufacturer: Bolton Metal formerly Cerro Metal
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 4470-2
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