Cerrolow 136 (Bolton 136) 4900-2

Bar Weight and Size = approximately 1 lb. / 4¼" L x 2" W x ¼" H

Eutectic Alloy

Melting Temperature 136ºF or 57.8º C

Density .31 lbs./In     8.8 g/cc

Initially expands then shrinks to .0000" in one hour, stable in 5 hours at -.0002" per inch.

Alloy is used in anchoring parts for machining (turbine blades, jet blades); testing, inspection, block lenses in optical manufacturing, proof casting; fusible element in safety devices (sprinkler heads); fusible cores in compound cores; low temperature solder; sealing adjustment screws and many craft applications.

Cerrolow 136 (Bolton 136) 4900-2
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  • Item #: LB220002
  • Manufacturer: Bolton Metal formerly Cerro Metal
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 4900-2
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