Cerrosafe (Bolton 160-190) 4250-2

Bar Weight and Size = approximately 1 lb. / 4½" L x 1½" W x ½" H

Non-Eutectic Alloy

Melting Temperature 160-190º F or 71.7-87.8º C

Density .341 lbs./In3      9.4 g/cc

Shrinks initially, grows to .0000” in 1 hour and continues to grow to .0025”.

Originally made for toy soldier casting. Principal uses are in proof casting cavities (threads, dies, molds, blind holes, gun barrels); Duplicate patterns in foundry match plate making: supporting work pieces while machining; pray coating wood patterns. Dental lab techniques (swaging, jacket crowns); Masks for electroplating and spray.

Cerrosafe (Bolton 160-190) 4250-2
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  • Item #: LB150005
  • Manufacturer: Bolton Metal formerly Cerro Metal
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 4250-2
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